CV STF anglais

Stéphane Bernard





French, male, 25 years old,

Single, Clean driving licence.

28, Rue Paul Bert

60180 – Nogent sur Oise




Phone, Fax #: (+33) 3 44 71 89 32










Pr N. F. Gray, MSc Project Supervisor,
Environmental Sciences Unit, Trinity College, Dublin 2,
Phone #: (+353) 1 608 1639, Fax #: (+353) 1 671 8047, E-mail:


Mr A. Dupain, Directeur Recherche et Developpement,

MONTUPET SA, 4 allée de l'espérance, 36000 – CHATEAUROUX, FRANCE,

Phone #: (+33) 2 54 29 77 00, Fax #: (+33) 2 54 29 77 20.




98:  MSc Water Sciences and Technology, 2.1 (1st/9) + Distinction, Ireland,

Environmental Sciences Unit, Trinity College of Dublin.

- Techniques: Computing, Statistical Methods, Laboratory Analytical Methods (HPLC, AA, IC, UV), Scientific Communication, Geographic Information System (GIS),

- Aquatic environment: Groundwater Quality, Freshwater Systems, Marine and Estuaries Systems,

- Water treatment: Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Plant Operation,

- Regulation and management: Environmental Regulations, Environmental Impact Assessments, Water Resource Management, Aquifer Management, Drinking Water Quality, Public Health and Ecotoxicology.


97: E.N.S.C.L.: Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (Baccalaureat + 5), France,
(Grande Ecole: postgraduate applied programme of chemical engineering studies)

- Applied chemistry: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Cristallography, Polymers,

- Analytical methods: HPLC, GC, NMR, UV, IR, MS, AA, AE.

- Computing, German, English.


96: Chemical "Maîtrise", AB honours (13th/45), University of Amiens (Baccalaureat + 4), France.

- Applied chemistry: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymers, Spectroscopies,

- Computing, Mathematics, English.


95: Chemical "Licence", B honours (1st/91), University of Amiens (Baccalaureat + 3), France,
- General chemistry: Organic and Inorganic, Analytics, Spectroscopies,

- Computing, Mathematics, English.


94: DEUG A, AB honours (9th/164), University of Amiens (Baccalaureat + 2), France,
- Mathematics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Computing, English.


91: Baccalaureat C, AB honours, Lycée St-Martin, Angers, France,

- Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, German, English.




French: Mother tongue.

English: Fluent: 15 months in Ireland.

German: School level.


Computing: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Netscape; Programming: HTML, Turbo-Pascal, Q-Basic.




98: Research laboratory (MSc project): Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, 4 months:

- Study on the industrial feasibility of aerobic digestion for domestic and pharmaceutical sludges (article to be published in Water Research).


97: Research and development: Montupet SA (Materials), France, 3 months:

- Study on the industrial feasibility of aluminium car wheels polishing,

- Optimisation of the polished car wheels surface treatment.

In this deadline job, I was working on my own as a process engineer. I was in charge of finding the best polishing method so this gave me the opportunity to develop my telephone, negotiating, initiative and decision making skills. In order to solve the problem of grooves, I succeed in proposing the "Tribofinition". This process was innovative because it was only previously used for cutlery polishing.
I concluded this employment with a written report and an oral presentation in front of the most senior members of this company.


96: Production control laboratory: Elf Atochem (Polymers), France, 2 months:

- Sample collection,

- Basic analyses and titrations.

I was an analytical chemist working as a part of a team. I managed my time and developed my communication skills at all levels in the company. I had to be well organised, methodical and demanding in terms of quality results.


96: Research laboratory (Maîtrise project): University of Amiens, France, 1 month:

- Development of tensio-actives synthesis, based on hydrophilic sugars.


93-96: Team leader, part time employment in Mc Donald's – Dury, France, 3 years:

- Production leader, team supervisor in kitchen.

I worked as a team leader under pressure and stress to reach production targets. I managed time, people and production, negotiated, made decisions, solved problems and communicated at all levels.


92: Water supply and sewer network: Lyonnaise des Eaux (Water), France, 3 months:

- Water supply: connections and leakage repairs,

- Sewer network: cleaning out and leakage assessment using video camera.

Maintenance worker in a team, I worked to deadline and production targets.


91: Research and development laboratory: Cointreau (Food), France, 2 months:

- Research concerning the optimum concentration of sugar in alcohol,

- Development of new products.

Analytical chemist, I worked in a research team. I had to be well organised, methodical and demanding in terms of quality results.




I would describe myself as an energetic, enthusiastic and motivated person. I am creative, problem solving, methodical, organised (worked 3 years in Mc Donald’s at 21 hours per week while
I was student) and demanding on the quality of end work. Studying in a foreign country and different professional experiences prove my flexibility and adaptability. I can cope with pressure and stress,
am hard working, welcome responsibilities and I was always well appreciated by all my employers.




Associations: In 97, Responsible for the marketing activities of ENSCIAADES which organises sport tournaments between faculties and schools of Nord-Pas de Calais (France).


In 97, member of the society Jeunes-Entreprises which organises water analyses (COD, SS) carried out by students for different firms.


Sport: Basketball (1982-1994: player, coach, official referee).


Hobbies: Playing music (guitar).

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